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The GB National Committee

The volunteer National Committee system is possibly unique to UWC. Students enter all of the UWC colleges through their National Commitees, who select students based on their suitability, potential and merit, publicise UWC, raise scholarship funds, support the students before, during and after their time at a college and organise network events for UWC alumni. 

National Committees exist in over 155 different countries and whilst each committee operates as appropriate to their national context all are overseen by the UWC International Board, and its secretariat based at the International Office in London. 

Our vision: 
Be representative of, and contribute to, the UWC Community as a whole and its organisations.

Our mission:

  • Select the best possible students for all United World Colleges and Short Courses that represent the diversity of Great Britain in order to enrich the UWC movement 
  • Maximise opportunities for young people in Great Britain to take part in a UWC experience 
  • To nurture an enduring commitment to the UWC ideals in Great Britain
  • Provide support for current students selected by the committee and their parents in order to maximise their UWC experience

What does the GB National Committee do?

The National Committee's main purpose is to select suitable representatives from Great Britain to attend Atlantic College and other United World Colleges overseas each year. In addition, some applicants are offered the opportunity to attend UWC Short Courses, which run for 2 weeks in various parts of the world each year. 

It is also an aim of the National Committee to raise awareness of United World Colleges in Great Britain and ensure wider representation of applicants from different economic and cultural backgrounds, in order to more fairly represent the wide spectrum of British society at the various UWCs.

UWC Great Britain is a membership organisation for UWC graduates of any nationality living in the UK and both alumni and parents who want to maintain the UWC 'connection' are encouraged to join UWC GB as a member and stay in contact. 

The fifteen members of the National Committee are all volunteers and receive only minimal expenses for their work. They have all been elected by the membership of UWC GB or co-opted onto the Committee to fill particular skills gaps or vacancies. Many other UWC GB members and supporters volunteer with the National Committee throughout the year to ensure the smooth running of all the selection, outreach and peer-support activities. We always welcome new members and volunteers, so please click here if you would like to get involved.

UWC Great Britain Governance

The GB National Committee are Trustees of UWC Great Britain, an independent membership charity that was set up in 2001 to support Atlantic College with student selection, fundraising, publicity and UWC community engagement relations. 

The activities of UWC Great Britain have evolved over the years and the current focus is on selections and peer-support for current students and parents.  Future plans include increased involvement in UWC community engagement in the UK, outreach and support to Atlantic College with scholarship fundraising for GB students.

GB National Committee has five executive officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Selections Officer) plus non-executive officers responsible for welfare, publicity and community engagement.  For more information please read our latest Annual Report available here.

Policies and Procedures

For details on our policies and procedures, please click here.