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Fees and Scholarships

Places are awarded at a UWC on the basis of merit and potential, and the initial selection is a ‘needs blind’ process. We have limited funds but are able to provide some financial assistance to support students who might otherwise not be able to take up their places.

All applicants through UWC Great Britain are automatically considered for scholarships. The National Committee has a set quantity of funds provided by Atlantic College each year as well as some funding available from the international colleges.  All candidates who are invited to an Assessment Day will need to fill out a means-testing form.  Candidates who are successful at the Assessment Day will be means tested by the Atlantic College.  If an applicant does not wish to apply for funding assistance then they should notify the Selections Team at the means testing stage so that the form can be waived.

While we hope that no one is put off from applying for financial reasons, we understand that finance is a major consideration, and it is important that you are fully informed before beginning the applications process. Any questions can be directed to