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Becoming a member of UWC Great Britain helps support the work of the UWC GB National Committee, selecting students to attend United World Colleges around the world. Full membership allows you to vote at our AGMs. All are welcome so please register here and come along!

Full membership is open to 

  • Alumni of United World Colleges
  • Parents/guardians of current students or alumni of United World Colleges
If you do not qualify to be a full member you can still be an associate member and we will keep you up to date with everything we do, and how you can help. Current UWC students and staff are only eligible for associate membership.

Becoming a part of UWC GB, whether as a full member or associate member, allows you to be more involved in our work as we will keep you to up to date with everything that we do, and how you can help!

Apply to be a member here.

Become a Voluntary Trustee, or a Volunteer

We are currently keen to recruit four new volunteer trustees to help lead our work on promoting the UWC Movement, finding and selecting great students and enabling our community of alumni, their families, and friends of UWC, to keep in touch and do great things.  Please find the details here:  National Committee Volunteer Trustees: Openings in 2019

If you'd like to become a trustee please follow the link above, or if you are keen to just offer your time in a specific area by volunteering with UWC GB, there's information about how you can do so below. Our work tends to focus on the four areas below, though we are also always open to ideas for special projects.

This is the area of UWC volunteering that most people are most familiar with but there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make the selections process run smoothly for our applicants. 

The Selections Task Force runs the selections process, from initial marketing, through the application stage, assessment days, making offers to accepted candidates and developing a constructive relationship with rejected candidates where appropriate. We also nominate candidates for short courses throughout the year.

We are looking for volunteers with experience in marketing, social media, and education throughout the year. In the Autumn and Winter, we need additional volunteers to help with reviewing applications, interviewing candidates, and events organisation.

Our provisional plan for the year is below.

Q1 (January - March)

Q2 (April - June)

Q3(July - September)

Q4 (October - December)

Q5 (January - March)

1. Begin nominations process

5. Begin advertising and marketing for applications

8. Continue marketing

10. 2018-19 Selections assessment

11. 2018-19 Selections process complete

2. Review 2017-18 applications cycle

6. Update application form

9. Secure assessors and volunteers for Selections assessment

12. Begin planning 2019-2020 selections process

3. Recommend applicants for short courses

7. Applications ready to launch

4. Begin planning 2018-19 applications process

If you'd like to be involved, please contact sign up here.


The Welfare team provides welfare advice and support to UWCGB students, families, guardians/carers, and the UWCGB National Committee.

Volunteers in this areas will be working with and supporting current students, from providing welfare support during the selections process, organising an orientation weekend for UWC students and their families, establishing links with UWC colleges around the world via the pastoral care teams, maintaining regular contact with GB students from selection until they leave UWC, work closely with the Selections task force to provide feedback on the selections process, and provide safeguarding advice to the UWC GB National Committee.

The welfare team particularly welcomes interest from those who have experience in legal fields, healthcare professionals, social work, education, and HR.

In 2018/19, the Task Force aims:

  1. to establish a database of newly selected students with their comments/ parents comments and selections/admissions information to use as a base for future contact and activity

  2. to expand the welfare team to begin to establish links with pastoral teams in all of the colleges

  3. to have an early intervention focus as well as providing case work in the event of crisis

  4. to provide prompt support and advice to students/ colleges and families

If you'd like to be involved, please contact

Engagement and Fundraising
The Engagement and Fundraising task force works to raise the profile of UWCGB through enhancing and monitoring internal and external communications procedures of the GBNC with a view to: increase membership; attract donors; and enhance engagement with partners (UWC International Office, colleges etc), members/supporters, UK based alumni, potential students and their families. 

The task force will also develop and implement fundraising activities to raise money for the UWCGB ‘scholarship pot’ in conjunction with relevant partners/stakeholders where relevant.

We're particularly looking for volunteers with experience in communications, marketing, fundraising, event planning, volunteer
management, IT and social media skill sets.

Our provisional plan for the year is below.

Q1 (January - March)

Q2 (April - June)

Q3(July - September)

Q4 (October - December)

Q5 (January - March)

1.Draft Engagement and Fundraising work plan recommendation

5. Publish inaugural issue of UWCGB newsletter.

8. Begin development of donor database

11. Publish second issue of UWCGB newsletter.

13. Review of progress on Work Plan.

2.Recommend a streamlined communications/engagement structure (external). This includes a review of the website and social media presence.

6. Liaise with relevant task force (foreseeably Selections) on possible collaborative marketing.

9. Begin development of UWCGB promotional materials.

12. Review of progress made in developing UWC GB Fundraising activities.

14. Draft revised/new work plan recommendation using Best Practices learned from review.

3. Develop database of volunteer supporters/members with requisite skills for the Task Force

7. Continue liaison with UWC IO and Atlantic college Development Team and report on developments.

10. Organise a UWC GB Summer Fundraising event.

4. Begin liaison with UWC IO and Atlantic college Development Team.

If you'd like to be involved, please contact

Governance and Strategy
The objective of the Governance and Strategy Task Force is to keep the governance arrangements of UWCGB under constant review and to enact or provide recommendations to the NC on changes to its structure that would allow UWCGB to better deliver its charitable purpose. The Task Force is also responsible for drafting the UWCGB Charity Strategy, monitoring its performance, and keeping it under review.

The Task Force will also support the delivery of the Annual General Meeting and any Extraordinary General Meeting that may be called from time to time, as well as the delivery of UWCGB’s corporate and charity obligations under the law.

You might be a good fit for the Governance and Strategy task force if you have experience in governance, management, legal areas, and strategy. 

Our provisional plan for the year is below. 

Q1 (Jan/April-June)

Q2 (July-September)

Q3(October – December)

Q4 (January-March)

1.Draft strategy recommendation

4. Prepare and deliver the AGM

6. Update on adopted recommendations

7. Report on delivery of strategy year 1

2.National Committee selection process recommendation

6. Update on adopted recommendations

8. Review of governance fitness for purpose

3. National Committee Chair selection process recommendation

9. Recommendation on permanent MoU with AC and IO

5.Deliver compliance with GDPR

If you'd like to be involved, please contact


How to spread the UWCGB word, no matter how much time you have.

Less than 30 seconds: Like our Facebook page, tweet about UWCGB and tell your family and friends.

Less than 30 minutes: write an article and send it to your local newspaper. (Not a writer? Then contact local youth organisations and ask them to put up a poster.)

Less than 60 minutes: Get in contact with your local schools and ask to do a presentation- you can really wow the pupils about UWCs! (Don't worry, we have a presentation with a script that is available to use!).  Please email for a copy of the presentation pack

If you have your own story to tell, then write to about your UWC experience and we may use it in our publicity material. 

If you use Facebook then please like our page, or follow us on Twitter, to be in touch with other UK based UWC minded folk from all the colleges.

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