Want to do something different? Try a United World College.

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What is UWC?

The United World Colleges are a group of fifteen colleges across the world where young people come together to study for the International Baccalaureate Diploma, and to start conversations about how to make the world a more peaceful and sustainable place.

Is UWC for you?

Do you want to expand your horizons? Are you passionate about working towards a better world? At a UWC, you will live with people from all over the globe, study a rigorous academic programme, and engage in community service activities. If this sounds appealing, UWC may be for you. 

What is a National Committee?

Applicants to UWC do not apply to a specific college - rather they apply to a National Committee in their country of residence or citizenship. The UWC Great Britain National Committee select from students aged 15-16 who have lived in the UK for the past three years, or those with a British passport who live abroad, and sends successful applicants to any of the 15 colleges worldwide. Find out more about eligibility criteria.

Is there financial aid available?

There are a limited number of scholarships available for British applicants, and they are awarded for both need and merit. While we aim to make sure that no-one is prevented from attending a UWC for financial reasons, our funds are limited and we can not guarantee a scholarship for every student.

What is the applications process like?

The initial stage involves answering some written questions and providing references. Applicants who are successful at this stage will be invited to an assessment day in December 2016 at the United World College of the Atlantic in South Wales. Those who are successful at the assessment day will be allocated to one of the fifteen colleges. The college allocation is based on the preferences and interests of the applicant, their personal attributes, and any relevant personal circumstances.

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