National Committee Volunteer Trustees: Openings in 2019

United World College Great Britain (UWCGB) is the National Committee representing the UWC movement in Britain, Jersey, Guernsey, and the Isle of Man. We work alongside other UWC bodies in the country to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. We do that through the selection and support of British students to UWC schools and colleges, as well as engagement with the wider UWC community. We are a membership charity that can be joined by students, alumni, or UWC affiliates from any college. The UWC Great Britain National Committee is composed of the Directors and Trustees of UWCGB and lead the work of the charity in 6 task forces:

Selections - to select new students to attend UWC schools, colleges, and short courses through shortlisting, interviews, and orientation

Health and Wellbeing - to support students whilst away from home throughout their UWC experience

Fundraising - to raise funds to support the running of UWCGB,students in need of financial assistance, and wider promotion of the UWC movement

Governance and Strategy- to oversee our strategy and operations, to ensure growth and sustainability

Candidate promotion - to increase the amount and diversity of applicants to UWC

Community engagement - to increase active UWC engagement in the community

In order to fulfill our goals, we are in need of additional volunteer support, and are currently advertising for 4 roles in particular. You can read more about the open posts below, including details of how to apply. Please note, we are always also looking for general volunteer support, so please feel free to express an interest in a broader role.  The post holders,  as  members of the UWC Great Britain National Committee will be Trustees of the UWCGB Charity and a Director of the same limited company.[1]


This volunteer role primarily involves working with the UWCGB Chair and Vice-Chair, all other Directors and Trustees of UWCGB, and the different task forces to ensure UWCGB complies with its legal obligations and operates efficiently to make the most of the time spent by volunteers.

The candidate should be familiar with the legal requirements of charity governance requirements and operation. The candidate will need to acquire a good understanding of the policies and procedures of the charity and its current operations. The ideal candidate should should have excellent organisational skills, a proactive attitude, and be motivated to ensure policies and procedures remain fit for purpose as the duties and activities of the charity evolve as well as that we appropriately record the charity’s decisions. .


IT Advisor

This volunteer role primarily involves providing IT support to members of the National Committee and its task forces.

The candidate should be familiar with Microsoft and Apple software, Gmail, Trello Boards, Drive, and be available to provide support when necessary.  The candidate will need to acquire a good understanding of the technology currently used by the National Committee and be enthusiastic about introducing new and more efficient ways of working.



The UWC movement is reliant on external funding to finance the UWC scholarship system. It is our ambition that the scholarship programme is strengthened so that the opportunity to attend a  UWC school, college, and short course is based on promise and potential only, enabled by meeting all demonstrated financial needs.  We seek a volunteer to work with our Vice-Chair and a small team on a regular basis to help create and deliver our fundraising strategy to raise funds to provide scholarships to attend the schools.

The candidate should have a passion for the UWC movement, and should personally be strongly aligned with the vision and mission. Ideally they have experience in professional fundraising, and skills to manage, maintain, and add to a pipeline of opportunities. The ideal candidate will be creative, bold, and have a can-do attitude to help us reach our target.


Data officer

The National Committee is responsible for a large quantity of personal data as a consequence of running the selections process and ongoing welfare support to students. With the new GDPR regulations it is our utmost priority to ensure we adhere to the guidelines and regulations with regards to data management. Therefore we are seeking a volunteer to help deliver ongoing GDPR compliance with the UWC Great Britain National Committee.

The candidate should have knowledge of the legal requirements asked of us as a charity and data controller/processor. They can advise on and implement systems and protocols to ensure we adhere to all laws. In addition, they should be able to help us identify and launch a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, through which we can safely and legally engage with our growing numbers of alumni and members, to ensure our growth and stability.

You will work within the governance and strategy task force, but will advise to all other task forces including health and wellbeing, selections, and fundraising, to ensure they are all GDPR compliant.

Application process

Submit a CV and cover letter or 2 minute video to by 1st March 2019.

Interviews to take place on 9-10th March 2019.

Inductions to be arranged in early March 2019.

Further information


The role of Trustee is not accompanied by any financial remuneration, although expenses for travel may be claimed.


Trustees must be able to travel to meetings within the UK, generally in London

Time commitment: 

Six Board meetings per year, and a variable time commitment outside of meetings, likely 10-20 hours per month

[1] You can find further information in the Charity Commission Guide The Essential Trustee – What You Need to Know.