Child and Adult Protection Policy

The United World Colleges National Committee for Great Britain, also known as UWC GB, is committed to safeguarding the welfare of all children, young people and adults. All reasonable steps will be taken to promote safe practices and to protect children and adults from harm, abuse and exploitation.

UWC GB will:

  1. Implement suitable recruitment and enrolment procedures for appointing volunteers and helpers that ensure reasonable steps are taken not to appoint people who are unsuitable to have contact with children and vulnerable adults. This process will also ensure that anyone formally disqualified for working with vulnerable groups will not be either employed by or allowed to volunteer with our group.

  2. Ensure that all volunteers and helpers in our group are aware of their responsibility to protect children, young people and adults. A child will be considered to be anyone under the age of 18.

  3. Promote the rights of children and adults to be listened to and to be taken seriously so that the child or adult is able to express their views, thoughts and concerns.

  4. Ensure that volunteers are aware of and adhere to our code of conduct and child and adult protection policies and procedures.

  5. Ensure that volunteers and helpers understand their responsibility to refer any child or adult protection concerns to our Welfare Officer1.

  6. Ensure that if the behaviour of a member of a volunteer or a helper towards a child or an adult is a cause for concern we will address this behaviour and ensure the safety of the child or adult. Any such concerns would be reported to the local authority.

  7. Ensure that staff, volunteers and helpers are provided with support and the opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge in relation to child and adult protection issues.


1 Sarah Whittington,


This policy is reviewed regularly and updated as required.

Adopted on 25th May 2014

Last reviewed: 25th May 2014